Tips for Beginners

Yoga tips for Beginners

Congratulations on trying something new!


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Prepare yourself

  • Drink water, come well hydrated
  • Avoid eating anything heavy 2 – 3 hours before class
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to class time.  Your will be introduced to your teacher + receive the Grand Tour


What you need for class

  • For class you’ll need a yoga mat, a full size towel, + a bottle of water.  Bring your own or rent or buy in the studio.
  • Want to shower after class?  You’ll need an extra towel!
  • Wear clothing you can move in comfortably.  For hot classes try shorts or capri pants, Men may choose to go shirtless, ladies wear sports bras or tank tops.  Your clothes will get sweaty, think of bringing a change of clothes for afterwards


Have an awesome time

  • Focus on yourself:  Yoga classes are moving meditations, opportunities to cultivate the connection between your body and your mind.  Save chatting with friends for outside the yoga room
  • Make it your goal to stay in the practice room the whole class
  • If you feel the need to rest, be still for a few slow breaths
  • To avoid over exertion move slowly and intelligently
  • Minimize water intake during class, it is better to hydrate before and after practice!


Come back tomorrow

  • Return to the yoga room as soon as you can to stretch out your muscles and build on your good work

Tips for Yoga Beginners – First yoga advice / Hudson Yoga



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