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“I am a regular. I love the 60 minute lunchtime sessions. I could be eating a burger and fries but the yoga calls me. The studio is top notch. Great lighting. Great facilities. Great floor. Great heat. But that stuff is less important that the great staff. Very welcoming and very professional. Nothing but good stuff.” – Colin H

“I practically live at Hudson Yoga – it’s my second home! The staff is super welcoming and enthusiastic. All the teachers are fantastic. Not only are they excellent instructors, but they are patient and genuinely care about their students. The teachers are always available before and after class to answer questions and offer helpful insight on the practice. The studio itself is beautiful, clean, and modern. The temperature is consistent, and well-regulated. I’ve yet to experience a suffucating or unbearably hot class. I’ve been to a couple studios on the island & mainland, but this one is definitely my favourite. Whether you’re a beginner, semi-regular, or dedicated practitioner, check out this studio!” – Jaime E

“Margie and I have practiced all over the world and Hudson Yoga is among our favorite studios. Really beautiful, clean, organized studio. We were just touristing, first time in Victoria, so we were able to take advantage of their new student deal which was generous. Teachers were awesome.” – Richard B

“I’m so grateful for each and every staff member and for the studio itself. It’s always here when I need it and the support is always 100%. Professional, clean, and kind – two thumbs up.” – Megan C

“No words can explain how amazing Hudson Yoga Victoria is. They are the best Yoga Studio in Victoria BC without a doubt which is why they won the 2016 Top Choice Award! Great work you guys.” – Dyvine S

“I’ve only been to two classes so far, but I have been extremely impressed with this studio in all aspects: they are welcoming, informative, and the space is clean and open. Bikram yoga is definitely the most challenging workout I’ve ever engaged in, but the other students and instructors are so supportive. I’ve found at the other studios I’ve been to, there’s a cliqueiness that I didn’t like – it seems like the ‘regulars’ know each other and new students aren’t particularly welcomed into the fold as it were. After my second class (which I almost left because I felt overwhelmed by the heat), no less than three students came up to me and told me I did great, and that it was awesome I stayed even though I got up and nearly left, and the instructor herself offered a lot of encouragement and support. All of this felt genuine and kind. I also appreciate how the instructors are knowledgeable about the science behind yoga, instead of the appropriated ‘spiritual’ side that has become diluted and superficial in Western culture and yoga’s trendiness. I’m so happy I purchased the groupon and went to check out this studio despite my reservations. I highly recommend trying Hudson Yoga – even – and especially – if you’re not ‘into’ yoga, this may change your mind!” – Brianna B

“This studio is AWESOME! I’ve been a regular since Hudson Yoga has opened and love practicing my favorite hot yoga in such a lovely space. All the instructors are top notch and will make sure you not only get a great workout, but practice mindfulness. I love the lighting, radiant heat, cork floor, and wonderful changing facilities. It’s everything a great yoga studio should be!” – Laura S

“Amazing facilities, clean, comfortable and modern. Hudson was the first studio I had practised at and I had my reservations around the idea of hot yoga but was quickly made comfortable by the staff and immaculate studio facilities. I am not your Lulu cookie cutter looking yogi… Hudson staff made me feel comfortable, supported and encouraged. Changed my life!” – Jeff T

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