Yoga Studio class schedule
fall yoga class schedule


Saturdays 13:30 Advanced Class.  

$8 drop in applies to all attendees

Special Events

Thursday October 19, 06:00: Silent Class

Enjoy this non-instructional Hot 90 to start your day!

Saturday October 21: YogaSport Competition + Celebration

Join us for a celebration of self-mastery!  Learn more Here

*Note, there will be no 16:00 class on Saturday October 21


Saturday October 28: Dance Flow Class

Using Flow and Core Yoga principles with a slight dance workout twist, we continuously move our bodies and breath for the duration of a 45 minute workout followed by a 15 minute cool down and a nice long savasana to live music.  Instructor Melissa Bandura.  Duration 60 minutes.  Tuition included in membership or $20 drop in

Saturday November 4: How to be Gently Unstoppable

Janelle Morrison shares her experience making a comeback to an elite level of triathlon after a near fatal accident, and the recognition at the finish line that she was “missing her life” for results and goals that weren’t truly fulfilling.  Explore the art of “commitment” and “surrender”.  This workshop will be an inquiry for each participant to consider a goal they have in life that they want to fulfill. Learn how to stop “doing” more and start “being” more yourself.  Duration 90 minutes, Tuition $25

Saturday November 18: Enhancing the Senses: Blindfolded Yin Yoga

Practice Pratyahara; removal of the senses.  Here you will be guided on an intuitive journey through the Chakra system through a slower moving Yin Yoga class.  Heighten your understanding and interpretation of the subtle body energy centers in relation o the poses without the aid of sight.  Handmade blindfolds are gifted to you on the day.  Duration 90 minutes. Tuition $20

Saturday November 25: Kundalini Yoga + The Sound of the Gong

Kundalini Yoga brings students to a new state of calm, peaceful awareness by activating, balancing and deeply relaxing systems in the body and the mind.  Gong yoga takes this experience even further.  Vibrations – and the mysteries – of primal sound can lead to even deeper feelings of physical and emotional well being.  Duration 120 minutes.  Tuition $25

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